All Books in the How To Series are currently discontinued

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How to Make Baskets Series by Lyn Siler.

These How-To books have been among our best sellers. Each carefully illustrated pattern creates a delightful basket.

BOOK 1 Melon Basket, Potato Basket and Heart Basket (Lit 8)

BOOK 2 Egg Basket, Butterfuly Basket and Provender Basket (Lit 7)

BOOK 3 Key Basket, Bread Basket and Market Basket (Lit 9)

BOOK 4 Hearth Basket, Herb Basket, and Round Gathering Basket (Lit 10)

BOOK 5 Hen Basket, Margaret's Square Basket & Feather Basket (Lit 12)

BOOK 6 Shaker Cat-Head Basket, Amy's Basket and Oriole Basket (Lit 15)

BOOK 7 Nathan's Square with Braided Handle, Gran's Cotton Basket and Nantucket Lightship Basket (Lit 23)

BOOK 8 Grace's Wine Basket, Double Lidded Picnic Basket and Cherokee Picnic Basket (Lit 24)

BOOK 9 Cross Stitch Tote Basket, Spiral Bottom Bread Basket, and Carolina Apple Basket (Lit 26)

BOOK 10 Lydia's Basket, Cherokee Hearts and Lidded Sewing Basket (Lit 27)