6-17-21: In the dyeing of reed for 4 oz mixed coils we always have left over strands to make more coils.

We now have a limited supply of dyed reed mixes in various sizes

1/2" flat Mauve Heather

#2 and #3RR Blue Heather

1/4" flat oval and #3RR Moss Heather

1/2" flat and #2RR Harvest

1/2" flat Peach Blush

1/2" flat and #2RR Purple Haze

1/4" flat and #3RR Christmas

1/2" flat and 1/4" flat oval Amish Country

1/2" flat, 1/4" flat oval and #2RR Rainbow

1/2" flat Pastel Rainbow

#2RR Woodhue

See the dyed reed mix page below for colors in each mix

Mixed Dyed Reed Page

Quantities are limited.